Challenge: Conn’s is a national retailer of home furnishing, appliances, electronics and mattresses. Over the company’s 100-year history, they have stood fast to the ideal that “the Customer is Number One. “

It was time for a redesign of their Magento-based eCommerce website. The challenge in this redesign was unique. Though it presents itself as a shopping experience, and consumers can certainly purchase items from the website in some instances, the true success metric for Conns.com is credit card applications. The business objectives of the redesign were to increase traffic to the credit application page and to beat historic conversion numbers on online application completion.

Strategy: Though the shopping experience was not the primary focus of the business, we know that eCommerce is as much a browsing experience as it is a purchasing one. In fact more so: according to Listrak, average abandon cart rates in 2014 were 74%.

This site is a perfect example of using eCommerce as research. The typical Conn’s customer is less likely to purchase a product online, and instead uses the website as a method for researching what’s available in-store. By making it clear that visitors to the website are welcome and encouraged to browse first and apply for credit afterwards, we knew we would be able to effectively communicate the dual nature of the website.

Solution: The timeline was tight, if not drastic: three weeks. We reorganized the navigation and redesigned the header and 30 first and second tier pages on the website. We added a product viewer to the home page, increased the size and prominence of the home page promotions area and cleaned up the overall look and feel. We also cleared out all the big blocks of red throughout the website, allowing the products to come through much clearer. We created a ubiquitous shopping cart module that allows shoppers to add things to their cart easily from anywhere on the website.

Most importantly, we focused the brand’s main color, a bright cheery red, on the most important call-to-action on the site: GET CREDIT and APPLY NOW. Other than the logo in the header, the only place a visitor to Conns.com encounters red is in a call-to-action to apply for credit.

We combined the GET CREDIT call-to-action with the ADD TO CART call-to-action in all product instances. This makes it clear in an intuitive way that products on the website can either be purchased on the site or in the store with Conn’s credit, bringing clarity to the dichotomous online experience.

Results: In the weeks after launching the redesign, completed credit applications were up, driving incremental traffic to the stores and increasing overall revenue. This success represents one of many sound strategic decision Conn’s has made in its century of doing business. In the past, Conn’s had relied solely on traditional marketing channels to drive traffic to the stores. By leveraging an optimized online shopping experience to drive desire, Conn’s is able to increase traffic, drive revenue and continue to deliver on the brand promise of putting the customer first.

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